A Series of Deluxe Wall Calendars by MFF

“Land Of The Wanderers”

MFF are pleased to offer our customers a luxury, multi-page wall calendars, almost a yard long.

A limited edition MFF calendars inscribed with your company's logo or message printed in tinsel gold and silver letters using the most advanced and refined printing techniques and will keep your name known to your customers and employees year around.

MFF calendars are comprised of stunning fine art prints, well known for their artistic interpretation and technical excellence. The Master shot the photos in 150 countries around the world in the most beautiful and remote places on our planet with a huge camera custom made by the Japanese company, Fuji, made exclusively for a photographer, and have a resolution up to one billion pixels!

The size of the panoramic calendar can reach up to 43 inches (110 cm) in length.
14 pages calendars will be printed on expensive offset 200 gr. paper.
All pages of the calendar coating UV varnish.
Laminated both covers printed on 300 gr. paper.
The weight of one calendar ~3 lb. (1.5 kg).
Each calendar has an individual plastic bag.

An outstanding gift for anyone you treasure.
Order MFF exclusive deluxe wall calendars NOW!

Art of Sergey Melnikoff

Order details

• Minimum order is 1000 copy
• Price includes delivery anywhere in the world
• You can select images from our collection
• Orders are accepted until September
• Delivery of finished goods will be during
   November and December
• A complete finished sample of layout can be
   viewed in pdf format, 91 Mb., here

• Let us know about your desire to make
   a reservation at: mff[at]mff.name
   or e-fax +1.320.341.0275
   and we will contact you soon.