“Wonders Of The World”

The MFF International Photography Exhibits are shown in dimly lit, open-spaced rooms, where subtle light reveals the intricate details of the images. The pictures hang in a special format. Because the canvases are so large, it’s difficult to believe that these are framed photographs. The soft music of great composers plays in the backdrop throughout the gallery. It’s as if nature herself has scattered her fairy-tale mountains along the exposition walls. This palpable ambience is representative of the MFF’s art.

• 2010. Installation of the giant banner promoting MFF’s exhibition “Wonders of the World” in the Kyrgyz Capital, Bishkek  •  2003. Tokyo  •  2010. Giant banners in Bishkek were changed weekly  •  2004. Tashkent, Uzbekistan  •  "Planet Earth," the most expensive photograph of the world  •  2009. Miami

Art of Sergey Melnikoff