The Colors Of GULAG

"We hope our presentation opened your eyes to the horrible crimes of Stalinism, where innocent people were ruthlessly murdered (for the political and governmental philosophies of Joseph Stalin). As journalists, we hope to continue investigating not only the Stalin era, but also the genocides that occur all around the globe. We want to fight for a future where people will be more informed, and in being so, make a vital change in how mankind is treated."
                                                                                              –Sergey and Anastassia Melnikoff

The Prakhin International Literary Foundation’s fourth annual prize, which honors the memory of those murdered under Stalinism and Nazism by recognizing works of prose, poetry, journalism, or scholarship about that period, was awarded Jan. 30, in front of some 300 people, at the Museum of the Jewish Heritage in Manhattan. The award went to Anastassia Melnikoff, a University of North Florida journalism and international studies major, for her essay “Stalin GULAG with a Camera around the Camps.”

The Jewish Standard,
February 18, 2011

MFF's collection contains thousands of unique color photographs of the Stalin era. The MFF Network is now looking for a sponsor for the printing of this historical folio photo book.

Art of Sergey Melnikoff