Take A Walk On Mars!

The American National Aeronautics and Space Administration made it possible for scientists to select objects operating in a low orbit of the planet Mars for subsequent photographs with a high-resolution camera. MFF actively participates in this program as a member of the scientific team. These sessions are among the most challenging enterprises in the photographic world. MFF's proposals can be found here.

Discover the panoramic photograph of Mars, made with a high-resolution camera HiRISE as selected by MFF. The large file (2.1 Mb) allows you to see the Martian landscape the same way the camera sees it from a 186 miles (300 km) high in the absence of an atmosphere.
Indulge yourself in Space take a walk on Mars with MFF!

Photo ESP-019085-1795 Crater "Floor" on Mars
NASA/JPL/University of Arizona/MFF/Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Program

Deep Space Communication Complex   The HiRISE camera is set on a sattelite and has a resolution of 12" (30cm) in one pixel   2011. Crater "Floor" on Mars   2011. Close up photo of the Crater "Floor" on Mars  *  A Satellite at a distance of 186 miles above Mars   December 21, 2010. Total lunar eclipse. South Florida

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