A Message From The Publisher

Dear Friends,

We would love to publish a beautifully illustrated book and unique folio as a special edition dedicated to your homeland. These official gifts can be presented to Presidents, Prime Ministers, Ambassadors, City Mayors, Governors, Heads of the Department of Tourism, and Chief Executive Officers of major corporations who would like them for political and public relations.

The time for completion is approximately six to twelve months from the day of order, depending on the season and when the artist begins filming. This period includes special panoramic aerial and artistic landscape photography.

If desired, we will organize public exhibitions to present the special publication displaying the best photographs out of the book. Our business has been recognized under the MFF trademark in the international book market since 1991. Please review our website, read the promotional brochure and you will see that our only Competitor is National Geographic Magazine.


MFF Publishing Service

Art of Sergey Melnikoff