Who Is MFF?

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• The real name is actually Sergey Melnikoff
• An American classic of art photography
• A U.S. citizen born in the Soviet Union
• A National Hero of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria, was awarded in 2012 for the personal
   information war with the Russian occupation of the Caucasus region, as well as for raising
   the national flag of Ichkeria at the top of the world, Mt. Everest
• The Honorary Consul of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria to the United States of America
• Son of a two star General, a military aviator, one of the aces of World War II
• Grandson of a Cossack chieftain of the Russian Imperial Army, the full chevalier
   of Saint George’s Cross
• Soviet dissident and political prisoner from 1981 till 1987
• Political refugee by UN decision in 1990
• U.S. asylum grantee in 1990 by personal authorization of President Ronald Reagan
• Former volunteer at the US government POW/MIA’s commission to search for missing
   prisoners of war in the Soviet Gulag
• Author of “POW Americans Are Always Assets” (1994)
• Graduate with three university degrees, including a PhD in biochemistry
• Founder of International Photo & Video News, Inc., Melnikoff, Inc., and MFF Europe, Ltd.
• Ideologist of space tourism. Prepared for a space flight to the Mir space station in 1995
• Founder of the web resources concerning the history of the Gulag in Russia,
   and the “Free Speech” Newspaper
• Pulitzer Prize Nominee for “The Chronicles Of Hell” International Exhibition, 2008
• Producer and cameraman in over 150 different countries
• As a result of special government missions, given new geographical name to mountain
   peaks: “Peak Of Pierre De Coubertin,” in the Pamir Mountains; “Peak Of September 11,”
   in the Tien Shan Mountains of Kyrgyzstan
• Author and producer of TV series “An Hour Of Adventures,” “Treasure Hunters,”
   and “There Is No Place In The World For Wild Animals”
• Father of two children: Anastassia (Japanologist, graduate with two university degrees,
   speaks in 8 languages); and Philip, student who is fluent in three foreign languages

• All four generations of MFF  •  1989. On the Chukotka Peninsula. Anastassia at the age of eight months  •  1994. Anastassia in the transcontinental Ukrainian plane Il-62 over the Atlantic Ocean  •  1997. Siberia  •  2008. Philip dives in the Caribbean  •  2010. Anastassia visits Nepal

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